Trade Paperback Version of That Which Elevates Us is Now Available

That Which Elevates Us Paperback CoverI got the printed proof and all seems well, so I flagged it for publication. You can get a copy HERE.

Interesting side-note: If I had used the same formatting as my previous trade paperbacks (11 point font size), this one would have come in at 865 pages, including the prologue, etc. That is larger than Amazon allows for trade paperbacks, however, and I have to assume it is because the binding would tend to fall apart with such a thick volume. That means this book would have been 70 pages longer than book 4, had I not changed the font size to 10.5 to get the page count down under the max pages limit, and even with the tweak, it comes in at 801 pages.

As far as the Dragonlinked Chronicles, like Aeron, I had a few things I wanted to see happen in the stories, and they now have, so this likely brings the Chronicles to a close. When more tales about Lethera, the dragons and people living there, come, they will be stand-alone stories or will be part of a new series. As for what I will be jumping into next, I have an idea for something a little different in a new fantasy universe. Where it stands now, there will be humans, magical creatures and beings, and of course magic, including transformational magic. I’m still playing around with the idea, tossing around various ways to expand on it, so I can’t go into more detail than that right now.

Until I talk to you again, happy reading!

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Apologies and a Trade Paperback Update

I have to apologize to you all. Last week, I was so excited to get the news out about the Kindle version of That Which Elevates Us going live, was working so furiously on the trade paperback version, that I forgot to include the actual link to the book page on Amazon. I just don’t know how I could have forgotten that. At any rate, the link is HERE, and I have updated the announcement post to include it.

And speaking of that paperback version, all is ready (I think) and I am waiting for the printed proof that is on the way. If it looks good, then I will publish it and make a post here letting you all know. And I will include an actual link. /embarrassed

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That Which Elevates Us, Dragonlinked Chronicles Volume 5, Now Available in Kindle Format

That Which Elevates Us - eBook CoverGood and exciting news, folks! It took some time, and 3 final read-throughs instead of 1, but That Which Elevates Us is now complete, and the Kindle version is available on the Amazon store HERE.

I’ll work on getting a trade paperback version up as soon as I can, but I’m not certain how long that will take, as Amazon has pulled that process in-house rather than through CreateSpace as it used to be, and I am not yet familiar with their process. I will make a new post when that version is available.

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Third Full Edit Pass Of Book 5 Complete

Hello all. This read-through went much faster, mostly because there were far fewer things that needed editing. And, as expected, the last six chapters took a great deal longer to get through, precisely because they have had the fewest reads so far and thus still had more little things to fix. There were a couple of issues I found before those chapters, however, things that while not major were big enough that I want to do one more read-through of the whole thing. I’ll probably then do another read-through of the latter half of the book, starting with chapter 16.

I’m going to spend a day or two working on the cover, as I think the title is finalized, and then I’ll get started on the next edit pass. That and the following half-pass should take less than a month, based on this last read-through. And that means, this puppy is almost done. 🙂

So, until next time, happy reading!

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Beginning Next Edit Pass

I spent the last week, among other things, working again on a title, and based on that, a cover. The title I ended up with is completely different from the initial ideas I’d tossed around the last time I thought of one, but those ideas were more about a single event towards the end of the book, rather than what the book is about, so to speak. This title also has a more, I don’t know, ‘fantasy’ feel, I guess. As far as the cover, I might do more tweaks to it, but I’m close to having the final title and cover completed. I even threw together a first draft of the blurb, which I’m certain will be adjusted and modified before release.

I like this taking as break between edit passes to work on title, cover, and such. It seems that being away from the book for a little bit helped me catch a few things the last read-through that I’m not certain I would have if I’d just done them back-to-back-to-back. At any rate, I’ll be starting another edit pass on book 5 tomorrow. If I don’t find anything major, it might be the last one. Fingers crossed.

Until next time, happy reading!

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Second Edit Pass of DC Book 5 Complete

Hopped in for a quick update. I finished the second read-through of the next book in the Dragonlinked Chronicles series a couple of days ago. I’m going to take a few days to continue thinking about a title and cover to go with, and then I will do at least one more full edit pass.


Until next time, happy reading!

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First Read-through of Book 5 Manuscript Complete

Hello again. In this read/edit pass, as expected, most of the things needing tweaks were in the last few chapters, as they’d only been read once before. Thankfully, no surprises were found, nothing big, like in my last book where I realized as I was writing the epilogue that there was a somewhat large plot hole. Nope, just little things. Did some trims, changed a word here and there for the better, rearranged phrases in a sentence and even whole sentences, and made tiny additions for clarity. Consistency of character (an individual character’s personality whether mannerisms or phrases and such, is something a bit harder to keep an eye on in a large ensemble) and continuity–in a book and between books–are the two things that always seem ready to trip me up, so I have to remain vigilant against them, too.

Things are looking good, though. I’m now going to set the manuscript aside for a few days, think about titles and covers instead, in order to start my next read-through with eyes that have not seen the pages for a bit.

Until next time, happy reading!

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First Complete Manuscript For Book 5 Is Done

Whew. As is typical, a few sub-plots wrap up in the epilogue, and there is a pretty important scene, too, for a couple of characters, so that chapter took a bit of work to get into a decent first draft. But now, book 5 is finished, at least in its initial state. Next comes reading over the manuscript. A lot of reading it over. As in other read-throughs, there will likely be tweaks, maybe deletions or additions to a scene here and there, adjustments for flow, pace, plot logic, continuity (this one is very likely to trip me up), and such. With the book now being complete, however, with its character arcs and various plots being completely laid out, what might need tweaking is usually brought into sharper focus. That might entail a bigger change than a mere tweak, but I won’t know until I do a read-through or two to see how things feel. At any rate, things are getting closer!

Happy reading!

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Read-through of Chapters 1-30 complete.

Hello, all.

In doing the read-through of chapters 1-30, I didn’t find anything major, just some minor edits and tweaks here and there, trimming of a no-longer-needed scene, slight adjustments for continuity due to changes to sub-plots in later scenes, that kind of thing. The last five chapters took longer to get through as this was their first edit pass and there were more little things to fix that hadn’t been caught yet–grammar, word use, punctuation and the like. I did add a mini-scene of a few paragraphs into a scene near the end for thematic reasons, to kind of punch up the scene and add a little drama and to tie together experiences in scenes immediately prior into a nice little package, and hopefully add a feeling of accomplishment.

Next comes writing of the epilogue and doing more read-throughs to tighten, smooth the flow, and other little bits of polishing. Then comes working on a title (one of the harder things to do, at least for me) and a cover. So, still a bit to go, but a lot closer, now, to finishing.

Until next time, happy reading!

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Dragonlinked Book 5 Draft Complete Through Chapter 30

Hello again,

It is time, beyond time, actually, for an update. I finally got through chapter 30, which is the last numbered chapter of the book, and that is part of what took so long. I’ve talked before about what goes into the last few chapters of a book (a lot, especially when you deviate from the outline), so I won’t bore you to death by going over it all again. Next, I will perform a read-through, and when that is complete, I will begin writing the first pass of the epilogue. That will be followed by many read-throughs, of course, but the book is now nearly complete, more or less. So, /ShortHappyDance. 🙂

Until next time, happy reading!

P.S. Thanks for all the supportive comments! You peeps are the best. 👍

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