Fan Extras

The Fan Extras section of the Library contains extras that I think some fans will enjoy. One bit that will always be here is a continually updated pronunciation guide for the names of many of the characters from the books and short stories. Future additions may include various maps, plot or scene outlines, and perhaps even some of my own rough sketches of, say, Caer Baronel, the dragon stables, Aeron’s room, etc.


Pronunciation Guide v4 Includes new names from Of Gods, Trees, and A Sapling and minor tweaks to the IPA symbols used on some previous names to better match how I personally pronounce them myself.

Pronunciation Guide (version 3)




3 thoughts on “Fan Extras

  1. Abigail

    Do you have a sign up to receive emails announcing when book 4 will come out?

    • I don’t at the moment, as there are a large number of regulations, domestic and foreign, that one must follow to do email lists. However, Amazon has a follow author function that will let me email those followers when I release new books. You can access it at my Amazon Author Page, here. Click the Follow button under where my photo should be (I don’t have a photo there at the moment, but will eventually).

  2. Abigail

    Oh wow, thanks so much! I’m fairly new to the Kindle App and wasn’t aware of the “follow” feature. It will definitely make keeping up with the many authors I have learned to enjoy much easier! Looking forward to Book 4!!

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