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First Read-through of Book 5 Manuscript Complete

Hello again. In this read/edit pass, as expected, most of the things needing tweaks were in the last few chapters, as they’d only been read once before. Thankfully, no surprises were found, nothing big, like in my last book where I realized as I was writing the epilogue that there was a somewhat large plot hole. Nope, just little things. Did some trims, changed a word here and there for the better, rearranged phrases in a sentence and even whole sentences, and made tiny additions for clarity. Consistency of character (an individual character’s personality whether mannerisms or phrases and such, is something a bit harder to keep an eye on in a large ensemble) and continuity–in a book and between books–are the two things that always seem ready to trip me up, so I have to remain vigilant against them, too.

Things are looking good, though. I’m now going to set the manuscript aside for a few days, think about titles and covers instead, in order to start my next read-through with eyes that have not seen the pages for a bit.

Until next time, happy reading!

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