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Another Way to Know When the Next Book is Available for Purchase

I got a question about this from a reader, recently, who wanted to know if there was an e-mail list they could join to be notified when a new book comes out. For good or bad, there are now a number of domestic and foreign rules and regulations governing e-mail lists. As such, I do not have an e-mail list at this time. However, Amazon will let me do something almost identical.

On the Amazon site, they maintain what they call ‘Author Pages’ which can be accessed by clicking on an author name from any of their book pages. Mine is here. The author pages are actually pretty handy for fans. All the author’s works available on are listed there, a discussion forum is available there, and if the author maintains a blog that they’ve linked to their author page, blog post announcements are shown there, too. All that is pretty cool.

Of particular interest is a large button on the author page near the top left titled “Follow.” Using that, a reader can start following the author. Why do that? Well for one thing, when the author adds a new book to, Amazon will allow the author to create a notification that Amazon will then send to all those following, letting those fans know that the new book is available. Amazon wasn’t very clear on exactly how much input the author gets as far as modifying the notification, and as I haven’t yet had a chance to use it (Amazon announced it after book 3 came out), I don’t have more details on it. But no matter how fancy or plain the notifications turn out to be, they still let fans know the work is ready, and that’s all that really matters.

So, in addition to announcing new works on this blog, I will definitely make use of that Amazon feature. If you’d like to know when a new work of mine is ready on and you can’t or don’t want check this blog all that often, you can try out the Follow author feature on Amazon.

This post will eventually fall far down the blog, so I’ve also added a blurb about this, including my author page link, on the Books page of the Library, accessible through the site menu.

Update news: I’m still writing away and am just about done with the first draft of chapter 17.

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