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Library Updated

As a little bit of fan service, I have updated the Library (accessible via the menu at the top of the blog) by adding in a PDF map of Lethera. It is a map of the continent Muirgen (mweer’ gen: g as in good, en as in men), where all the stories thus far have taken place. I used a version of this as I was writing in order to determine travel distance/times and to track where things were in relation to each other. The map will be updated as needed with new releases of short stories or books.

I hope you enjoy it!

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Release celebration for The Bond!

To celebrate The Bond, Book 2 of the Dragonlinked Chronicles, going live on Amazon, I’m going to put Book 1, Dragonlinked, on sale for six days starting February 25 at 8 a.m. PST. It’s a Kindle Countdown deal, meaning the earlier in the promotion you buy, the bigger the discount. The starting discount is 75% off. The promotion runs through March 3 at 8 a.m. PST. There is nothing special anyone has to do: the discounted price should be automatically reflected on the product page. From what I’ve read, Amazon only offers Kindle Countdown Deals through and, so my apologies to fans from other countries. (I know you are out there. I can see when sales come from Amazon’s other sites!)

I figured that having this promotion will let people pick up Dragonlinked fairly cheap if they want to read it before starting The Bond. At any rate, happy reading!

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The Bond is Available on Amazon


After many weeks of editing, The Bond, sequel to my first book, Dragonlinked, is now available in Kindle format on Amazon. It will also be available there in trade paperback format, once I have a chance to see the proofs and make any needed changes.

I had a great deal of fun writing it, and I hope everyone has as much fun reading it!

A new addition in the book is an appendix with a pronunciation guide for some of the names of places and characters. A couple of readers of Dragonlinked asked how I pronounced a few of the names, so I thought it might be fun to make a guide. I have also added a version of the guide to a new section of this blog called Library, available from the menu up top. I will update that guide with names as I think to add them (in fact, it already has a few more names than the guide in the book).

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