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Read-through of Book 4 Draft Chapters 1-10 Complete

As I have mentioned before, I like to do a complete read-through of a work in progress every time I finish another five chapters of a draft. I just finished reading through chapters one through ten. I found a few errors, two of which were pretty big: a person in two places at once, and a scene apparently happening hours earlier than it should (scenes happening at the same time on opposite sides of a large continent, and both close to sunrise? Not possible.).

I constantly think about a book I am writing. Scenes will play out in my mind, as well as events and how they are linked to each other. Character arcs also unreel in my mind’s eye. One such character arc scene, toward the end of the book, played out differently one time, and it gave me an idea that would add some tension, always handy for excitement. In order to incorporate the idea, I had to add a couple of scenes that were not in my outline, centered on a side-character. She had some scenes in the book already, but as the story evolved, as her part in it evolved because of that re-imagined scene, she needed more presence in the book, and in this read-through, I found good places to add scenes with her, places where they added to the main plot as well as to her side-plot.

That’s another reason I like doing read-throughs. My stories change as I write them out, as I imagine new, more interesting scenarios with which to carry out a plot point. Read-throughs help me catch any previous scenes that need tweaking to keep them in line with the way the story has evolved and gotten better.

Short version of this post: Things are looking good, so far. On to chapter eleven!

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