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Chapter 25 of Book 5 Complete, Starting Next Read-through

The headline says the important bits. I finished writing the draft of book 5 through chapter 25 and am starting the next complete read-through. I worried that I might not get to this point by the end of this month, though. Primarily because of an opossum.

For weeks, something woke me up all through the night with its movement in the ceiling. A rustle, a rubbing of body against sheet rock, the creak of a two-by-four as something stepped on it. I thought, hopefully, that it was just another rat that had made its way in there, so laid a trap for it, to no avail. Then, one morning at around seven, I was awoken by a great deal of noise. I hurried off and found that the noise was coming from inside the wall of the stairwell. I knew that the other side of that spot was at about roof-height, so I ran to the room with a window overlooking that spot, opened it, and in the dim light before sunrise, a very ugly face stared at me, paused in digging at a hole torn in the siding of my house. It was very dark, though, and I wanted to be certain of what I was seeing, so I slammed the window closed, ran for a flashlight, and came back in time to see a furry butt and a long, thickish, rat-like tail disappear into the hole. It was an opossum. Rats I could handle, but I had no idea how to catch or deal with one of those critters, so I had to enlist professional help. For a week, as we waited for it to squeeze out a one-way door fitted over the hole, I had to shift and then maintain a completely different sleep schedule, getting up four hours earlier than normal to meet the pest techs each morning so they could check various traps and that one-way door. Messing with my sleep schedule tends to interfere with my writing, but aside from the first day, the changeover went well and I was able to continue making good progress. And eventually, the opossum either died in the house (gods, I hope not) or made it out, for it was blissfully silent for several days, and the hole was sealed up by the pest tech guys.

Then, last week, I started fighting off a cold. So far the fight has gone well, thanks to a couple of over-the-counter homeopathic remedies that I have found work well if started in time, and I think I have beaten the cold away. I have to chuckle, though, at all the things being hurled my way by the universe or fate or what-have-you. All I want to do is write!

Anyway, I need to get back to the read-through. Happy reading!

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Progress Update for Book 5

I meant to post this yesterday but was sidetracked, so apologies for that. I’ve completed the first draft of chapters 21 and 22, and I am about three-quarters through chapter 23. Pretty decent, I think, considering that because of what has happened/changed from the writing of these chapters, I’ve had to edit a few scenes to tweak various plots for continuity and logic. I also tweaked and expanded a subplot a bit for more dragon awesomeness, deleted a scene that became superfluous because of the tweak, and added a new scene to lead into the expansion. All in all, things are progressing quite well.

Until next time, happy reading!

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