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First Draft Complete

For the past few months, I’ve tried to do my best impression of a hermit. I’ve cut back on doing some things, like the internet (I’m looking at you Facebook/movie sites/music sites/comic sites/fun sites in general),  going to not-quite must-see movies, posting here on my blog, and a few other things. It freed up an alarming amount of time—time that I guess I had been wasting before. ‘Wasting’ may be too harsh a word, but in any case, instead of doing all that, I focused on writing. The end result of which is that the first draft of the sequel to Dragonlinked is complete. (/cheer)

As I think I’ve mentioned before, creating an outline was a great help. I worked out the major and minor plot lines, switched them around, threw some out, etc, ahead of time. While writing, I only had to fill in details and flesh out character actions/reactions. I did alter some things slightly in the writing, as I found better flows as I went a long. But draft one is now complete.

On to the editing, the tweaking or revising, designing a cover, and last, but not least, coming up with a title!

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