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Dragonlinked Book 4 Update

Got back from a kind of family vacation several days ago. I spent a little over two weeks with my brother’s family and had a great time. I hadn’t seen my niece and nephew in a while. It’s surprising how much kids change in their early teens. Anyway, I’m finally working on the last scene of the last chapter.

This chapter has been my nemesis, my Khan, my great white whale. I think I now know what writer’s block is. It’s not that you can’t write, necessarily, it’s that you can’t figure out what to write. I could not come up with a way to present what I wanted to present. I even tried my trick, which is to just write anything. I started work on the chapter before the vacation and hoped time away would give me inspiration or at least let me come up with a way to get through it that wasn’t . . . tepid. It didn’t go so well. When I got back I had to scrap the entire first scene because I hadn’t done proper research into the way certain processes actually work and I had gone about it entirely the wrong way. Ah, well. Always do your research, kids! Save yourself time and effort. The research did help, though. It gave me a framework upon which I could wrap already-written scenes as well as new stuff. Even so, I did have to figure out a way to make, ah, that process not be boring when you are rooting for, ah, the side you normally aren’t. History helped there. It turns out that part of the process worked differently prior to the mid-1900’s, so I took full advantage of that by deciding it would be the same on Lethera. And apologies for being so vague, but I don’t want to spoil anything. At any rate, I did finally get things lined up and presented in a way that I think works well.

So now I am working on the last scene. This will be the denouement, the easy-going wrap-up, though it will have a little surprise that came to me a few nights ago as I lay in bed waiting to fall asleep (when many great ideas occur to me and get recorded in voice memos, as I’ve talked about before). Then there will be the epilogue, which will be much easier and quicker to write, then coming up with a title and cover art. Still, I can now not only see the light at the end of the tunnel, I can make out some of the scenery there, too!

Funny thing? I’ve got ideas and have even imagined scenes for book 5. Silly brain, focus on book 4 and THEN think about book 5.

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Happy reading, all!

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