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Draft of Book 4 Complete!

I have completed the first draft of book 4. Well, I call it the first draft, but due to how I write, previous portions have had several read-throughs and edits performed already. I also completed a number of little edits based on many notes and voice memos I’ve made along the way. I’m currently doing a read through of the entire thing for more edits and tweaks, after which I’ll give it to a test reader. Then there’s a title (I think I have one already), covers for the ebook and trade paperback versions, and it will be ready for release.

It’s getting close!

P.S. As I’ve said before, don’t forget that there is a Follow author option on each of Amazon’s author’s pages so that you can be notified when your favorite authors have new items available on Amazon. If you’d like to know when I have new books available for purchase on Amazon, you can check this blog, or click the large Follow button near the top left of my Author Page.

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