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An Interesting Resource for Name Ideas

So I was trying to come up with a name for BossBadGuy today to replace the [] placeholders in the outline and manuscript draft that I’ve completed so far. I used my go-to tool, Google, and started scrolling through the websites it listed when one result caught my eye.

What if you could see the names, male and female, used in specific decades in the United States, sorted by actual usage in those decades? The Social Security Administration has an app for that. Well, a webpage. That’s what I came across, the Social Security Administration Popular Baby Names page. The link to search by decade is a little below halfway down the page, and you can also search by state or territory.

It is limited to U.S. names and only goes back so far, as it is the Social Security Administration’s records that are being searched for the data, but it can still help if you are interested in selecting a name that ‘feels’ like a particular time in the past.

I think it is kind of nifty, so I thought I would share it. Now, back to writing!

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Draft of First Few Chapters of Book Four Complete

A quick update for everyone. I just finished a read-through of chapters one through six. I normally do that every five chapters, but in this book, the events in chapter five lead right into six and I didn’t want to lose the writing momentum, so I kept going until I had finished chapter six.

Things are looking good, so far. I found that I needed to add a scene to expand a bit on a character and her actions, which is another reason I do read-throughs. The outline is a great guide, but it is in the writing and re-reading of the draft where you will often find better ideas or discover a better flow. I also find that re-reading the manuscript from the beginning every time I finish writing another five chapters helps keep the events in the book alive in my head and allows me to catch mistakes, duplications, and better judge the pace of the book overall.

Now on to chapter seven!

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