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In the meantime, please feel free to peruse his released works below.

Dragonlinked Chronicles

Dragonlinked CoverVolume 1: Dragonlinked   US  UK  AU  CA  DE  JP  IN

Many will be acceptable candidates, truth be told, and eventually, there will be hundreds, even thousands of dragonlinked. But there will be one who is first.

All fourteen-year-old Aeron wants to do is make his father proud, but the biggest bully in the Caer constantly torments him, he has yet to be allowed to practice his craft of choice, and he’s trying to ignore the increasing reports of deadly nahual attacks. When Aeron is finally invited to be an accepted in Magic Craft, things seem to be going his way.

His life is thrown into complete chaos, however, when he discovers an enormous egg, and unable to ignore its desperate cries, he helps the creature struggling within to hatch. Powerful magic bonds them together, mind and soul, and he wonders how he is going to care for her. Will he be able to do so and keep up with his Magic Craft lessons? And when she’s full-grown, how in Yrdra’s deepest hells will he keep a four-thousand pound dragon a secret?

Aeron’s search for answers in his now drastically changed world will lead to surprising discoveries and revelations, dangerous and distressingly close encounters with nahual, and the possibility of a greater, more fulfilling purpose for him—if he survives.


The Bond cover

Volume 2: The Bond   US  UK  AU  CA  DE  JP  IN

A surprising plan is announced that will allow more dragonlinked to investigate and fight nahual. Aeron decides the best way he can contribute is to get more dragons, but his effort fails so spectacularly that he worries he’s ruined the plan’s chance at success. His concerns are compounded when they learn that a mysterious enemy actively works against them, and increasing tension amongst the dragonlinked trainees only adds to his problems.

As their enemy continues to interfere with every move they make, the masters disclose the true plan, a much more ambitious undertaking. When an unknown dragonlinked arrives, her shocking revelation makes it even more important that they succeed.

In order for that to happen, however, the group is going to have to somehow mend their differences, come together, and prove they’re capable of their expanded purpose. Because their future, the future of dragons and dragonlinked, rests squarely on their shoulders.


A Storm in the Desert coverVolume 3: A Storm in the Desert   US  UK  AU  CA  DE  JP  IN

Getting the Dragon Craft Guild approved was a long, hard road, but with that out of the way, life has returned to normal. An unknown dragonlinked arrives, bold as brass, with an enormous dragon, bringing tales of unrest in the Corpus Order, but most of the dragonlinked don’t think they have time to address her concerns.

When a manis tries to kill Anaya, however, all illusions of normalcy are shattered. If she isn’t safe, even in Caer Baronel, then none of them are. Not while those fanatics exist. The Corpus Order will have to be dealt with after all, and sooner, rather than later.

But there is deep hatred rotting away inside the Order, and powerful factions, each willing to do anything to advance their own interests. The entire Dragon Craft Guild will have to work together, with some old friends and new, if they want to stop the senseless prejudice and enmity that threatens all their lives.


Of Gods, Trees, and a Sapling coverVolume 4: Of Gods, Trees, and a Sapling   US  UK  AU  CA  DE  JP  IN

As their purpose takes human and dragon bond-pairs across the continent, the troubles they face increase both at home and abroad. At the Dragon Craft Guild, stories told by generations of dragons to rein in unruly hatchlings reveal themselves to be more than mere tales. Like everyone in the guild, Aeron is excited by the news and what it could mean. There is another far to the north, however, who fears its implications.

In the desert, recent incidents slow the transition of the former Corpus Order into a guild branch, and Guildmaster Millinith wonders whether they are truly accidents. After a deadly mishap, she sends help to investigate. While most in Bataan-Mok are happy with the transition, they learn of one who will do anything to bring back the Order.

In the east, whispers in Stronghold that deride High Lady Hasana have grown more strident. Master Gella investigates and finds hints of a deeper, sinister plot. City-wide riots force her to enlist the help of the Dragon Craft Guild to safeguard Stronghold, which is fortunate, for the entire city and its new defenders will soon be tested.

And in a place both far and near, Ulthis, the Bearer of Lightning, learns that even gods must pay for their transgressions. Stripped of powers and much of his memory and trapped on Lethera as a human youth, he is given a deceptively simple task in order to regain his godhood. That undertaking leads him to the Dragon Craft Guild, and joining in their struggles, he discovers just how little he knew of his own creations and of himself.

Tales of Lethera (Short Stories Set on Lethera)

Moonflower cover

Moonflower (includes companion mini-story, Brilliant Points of Light)   US  UK  AU  CA  DE  JP  IN

Millinith has always lived her life following others, doing as she was told. This has led her to where she is now, a young woman worried about never finding anything to be passionate about. When a deadly nahual attack shakes up Caer Baronel, the horrifying event opens a door for Millinith. But will she have the strength of conviction to walk through, even if it means crossing the threshold alone?

Brilliant Points of Light: Everyone has value, is a light in the sea of stars we call life, and each death is a sad occasion, a thing to be mourned. But when a point of light winks out, sometimes another grows brighter.


Note: All titles are only available in English at this time. A few direct links are provided above, but all the titles are also available on the Amazon websites in Brazil, France, Italy, Mexico, Spain, and the Netherlands.


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