An Update and Some Advice

Whew. I had five chapters left to read over today to complete my read-through of chapters 1 through 20, and I wasn’t sure I’d make it, but I did!

Let me back up a bit and explain why that was a worry.

July was just terrible for writing, so I didn’t progress as much as I wanted toward my goal of writing through chapter 20 in order to start a read-through. So many things took time away from me, some good things, some bad. Visiting family, good, having to wait for technicians (and watch them while in my home), bad. Home ownership comes with so many little, um, joys, like failing parts of security systems, or sprinklers not working, or low water pressure due to a bad city water meter, and, well, you homeowners know what I’m talking about. But the thing that has had a larger impact on my writing than I would have thought, and a negative one at that, is sleep. Or lack thereof.

When I started writing this fifth book, I was determined to go at it for as many hours a day as I could, so I started waking up earlier than I normally do. That added anywhere from an hour to two hours more to how long I could write each day. The thing is, it wasn’t really helping. It seemed I was struggling to get words on the page. I mean, I was doing so, but it just wasn’t flowing as well as I would have liked. But there was another issue which this read-through has made very clear to me. Lack of sleep seems to have made it harder for me to track things as well as I should, and worse, I didn’t notice. I think it was sometime after I finished my last read-through, chapters 1 through 15, when I decided that I was tired of feeling tired and went back to my normal sleep schedule. Why do I think this? Because during this current read-through of Chapters 1 through 15, I found a TON of things wrong (things that I did not catch in the last read-through). Not major plot-breaking things, mind, but lots of little things. Say, something like character 1 being shocked by something said, when four paragraphs earlier, the same thing had been covered in their own thoughts. The biggest weird thing I found was a scene where a character who was supposed to be there, per what happens two scenes prior, was completely missing for no apparent reason. I had to rewrite about three-quarters of that scene, to insert that character who was supposed to be there. Because of all the things I had to fix, it took me nearly three weeks to get through those fifteen chapters. That is why I was so worried that I wouldn’t get these last five done today (I wanted to post an update that I’d completed this read-through by the end of this month). But happily, in these last five chapters, everything was as it should be. There were only tiny little tweaks needed. A slightly different word here, a trimming of a couple of words there. Nothing major, and things were good. So, I was able to finish the read-through of chapters 1-20, and I learned a lesson in the process.

And that is the advice I have to give today: get proper sleep. Any creative out there should seriously consider the impact lack of sleep can have. For me, it is shocking just how much it had, and I will no longer make that mistake.

Now, on to writing chapter 21. Happy reading!

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Blue in New Jurassic World Trailer Acts How I Imagine A Baby Dragon Does

Have you seen the new trailer for the next Jurassic World movie, Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom? If not, I’ve included it below. In it, there is a baby raptor named Blue (at the 30 second mark), and in the brief moment it is in the trailer, all I could think of was “Holy crap. That’s how a baby dragon hatchling acts as you feed it: happy, excited, eager, and ridiculously cute.” Seeing how good animatronic characters and CGI characters are getting, it really gets me hoping that we will one day see a movie featuring dragons like those in my Dragonlinked novels, or those in the Dragonriders of Pern series by Anne McCaffrey, or the Pit Dragon series by Jane Yolen, or the series A Familiar Dragon by Daniel Hood, or heck, any books where dragons are intelligent, sentient beings of awesomeness. Anyway, I got excited seeing Blue and thought you all might like to see her, too. (I’ll definitely be checking this movie out when it releases!)

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That Feeling When Your Hard Drive Dies

Ugh. I’ve been spending a lot of time recovering from a failed boot drive on my computer. I’m still trying to find out which files I’m going to end up losing, but I was able to recover all files in My Documents (As far as I can tell. Because the drive was failing, some of the files that were backed up may have been corrupted already). I copy my writing work to a thumb dive daily as a backup when I finish for the day, so that’s always safe.

My computer had been acting odd, slow and stuttery, and then the other day as I was turning it on, the power on self test (POST) screen stayed up. It normally flashes by pretty darn quick, but it sat there and I finally noticed a message at the bottom that said a drive (it listed some sort of numerical identifier) was going bad and that I should back it up and replace it. I hit F1 to continue and tried to figure out which drive was failing, hoping (to no avail) that it was one of the ‘extra’ drives. After a lot of research and learning way more about the drives than I ever wanted to (manufacturers, volume ids, serial numbers, physical drive numbers, etc), I found out that it was the main drive where the OS is located that was failing. At least with the warning I was able to backup the My Documents folder before the drive gave up the ghost.¬†I removed the bad drive and spent almost an entire day reinstalling and patching Windows to one of those ‘extra’ drives which is now the main drive. I have to set up my email accounts in Windows Mail again and reinstall all the applications I use like my accounting software, Spotify, Chrome, iTunes, the Adobe apps I use for creating covers, and I don’t even know what all else yet. Right now I’m restoring music, photos, and downloads from backups, but those are from the end of last year, so I’ve likely lost some things that I’ll need to replace, if that will even be possible. But at least I do have everything though that date.

Take my misfortune to heart and backup, backup, backup. It likely won’t prevent you from losing every single file, but it will at least get you back to where you were at the last time you backed up.

You know what the worst part is? All this wasted time! I want to get back to writing. ūüė¶

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An Interesting Essay by H.P. Lovecraft

A friend posted a link on Facebook today to an article, and I found it quite interesting. It’s purportedly an essay written by H.P. Lovecraft concerning his ‘method’ for writing. I thought some of you might enjoy it, too.

Lovecraft died on this date in 1937. Here is his essay “Notes on Writing Weird Fiction”

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This Man Gets It. Why Can’t Everyone?

The world already has hurdles built in, and some get more hurdles put in front of them right from the get-go, right from birth. One of the reasons I decided to include LGBT characters¬†in prominent roles¬†in my books is because LGBTQ¬†people, young people especially, need representation in media. In songs, art, movies, television, and in books. What they do NOT need is people who don’t understand, who don’t seem to want to understand, adding more hurdles to their lives. Dale Hansen says it better than I can, so please read the article I linked below about a video of his posted to Facebook concerning student wrestler Mack Beggs, then watch Mr. Hansen’s full video which is included at the bottom of the article.

Sportscaster Dale Hansen defends trans student wrestler Mack Beggs in amazing takedown

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Research, research, research

I hope everyone had a fantastic¬†holiday break. I spent some time up north with family for a bit of a vacation and to hopefully get some cold-weather research in, as snow isn’t something one sees very often in central Texas. Alas, in the week and a half I was there,¬†there was little to no snow in the part of Nebraska I stayed at. There was one evening of light snow a few days before the end of my¬†vacation. It left less than¬†an inch on the ground, and locals scoffed at the amount, but I was pleased to have been able to see the white stuff falling and the thin accumulation on streets, sidewalks, yards, trees, and on the frozen lake we visited a couple of times. Walking atop that¬†lake was enjoyable, though alarmingly slippery, and something entirely new to me.¬†All in all, it was a good trip. I had fun and¬†got some insights¬†that will help with the next book.¬†Though I didn’t get to enjoy deep rifts of snow as I have in the past, I was able to experience¬†just how terribly cold it feels¬†when temperatures approach and go below zero degrees F, and think about just how difficult and dangerous life in those climes can be.

Now that I am back home, I’m doing research that is much more mundane using¬†my trusty assistant, Google. The research concerns other matters that may impact plots in the next volume: technology advances during the industrial revolution, arctic ecology, history, and the like. A bit boring, perhaps, but essential to understand how we as a people¬†progress and fall back, and how greed, fear, the desire¬†for progress, and such, propels individuals.

Time to get back to it. Happy reading!

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Heavy As Lead

I normally do¬†not comment anywhere or to anyone about¬†terrible events. I’m usually heart-broken, or numb, or dismayed, or all of it and don’t have the will to do so anyway. When the twin towers went down in 2001, I was so¬†shocked that¬†at first I felt like I was in some strange dream. What was on-screen…couldn’t be real. Those planes plowing into…no. No. No. No. No. No. Not real. Not possible!¬†I had watched online and on television for hours but then…I couldn’t look at it anymore. I just couldn’t. I retreated to the only place I thought could get me away from it all‚ÄĒan online game. There I could mindlessly do quests until I could fully process the horror of what had transpired. It took days, but¬†eventually, the dark cloud lifted from me and I could go about my life almost normally.

This past few days I’ve buried myself in writing, letting myself process what happened on June 12, 2016. I cannot believe someone could do that. I just do not understand how a person could wantonly kill anyone much less dozens and dozens. But someone did, and so many lives were lost. I grieve for the victim’s friends and families. And those who¬†survived, too. They must live with the memory of the horror of what they went through.

I will not name that person. I will not name who that person claims they were associated with. I will not further that person’s goals.

My heart, heavy as it feel right now, is with the victims, their surviving friends and families, and the survivors. My heart is with Orlando.

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For Anyone Who Wears Glasses/Contacts And Uses A Computer

So, I recently started using glasses while at the computer. I’d been stubbornly refusing to use glasses even though my eyesight has gone to crap over the last few years. Well, a bunch of my family were¬†here at my house recently, and we played a¬†game called Smart Ass (a trivia-based game that was pretty fun).¬†As part of the gameplay, one must read clues from cards. When it came my team’s turn to do so, I could not read the card. My brother slid his reading glasses across the table to me, and laughingly told me to use them. I put the things on, and let me tell you, I was shocked at how clear the card became. And not just the cards, my phone, too! The icons looked amazing and I mentioned as much.¬†Everyone laughed at me, I blushed in embarrassment, and he told me to keep the readers. He apparently buys them by the dozen somewhere? I never even knew that was a thing.

Aaaanyway. I’ve been using them since when I need to read anything, and the first time¬†I put them on at the computer, I was shocked once again at how nice things looked and how clear everything was‚ÄĒexcept for rendered text. I noticed it mostly in OpenOffice (the suite I use to write because it is so much cheaper than Office and has just about the same functionality), but text in everything was not quite right. Finally it got annoying enough that today I spent some time searching online for clues as to why text looked fuzzy. I wondered if perhaps OpenOffice wasn’t using ClearType, which¬†Windows uses to make screen text¬†more readable. After quite some time searching, a thought occurred to me. When I reinstalled Windows recently, I went through the ClearType setup routine. Maybe I should do it again while wearing the glasses?

I typed cleartype in the Cortana/search bar and launched the setup app. I had to change most of the previous choices I made, which boded well. When I¬†was done, oohhh man, text looked spectacular in OpenOffice! The text in the document, on the menu, in the settings dialogs‚ÄĒtext everywhere in Writer looked great. And here in Chrome as I¬†type in this post, text looks so much better, so much more legible.¬†Everywhere text is rendered on my screen looks a thousand times better, now.

Long story short: If you use Windows (not sure about other operating systems, they may have technology like ClearType) and have recently started wearing glasses/contacts or have changed your prescription, I would highly recommend running¬†the ClearType setup again with your glasses/contacts. You may see a WORLD of difference like I did. I’m betting the eyestrain/headaches I would occasionally feel¬†will be lessened or even eliminated.

Welp, back to writing.

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As a¬†writer, there are so many things that can throw you¬†for a loop, that can suck the energy right out of you¬†and make it hard to do anything, much less¬†write. There are big things, like attending funerals, offering comfort to someone in the hospital or¬†emergency room, or¬†news of¬†someone close to you with cancer or another severe illness.¬†Aside from¬†the loss, or potential loss, of someone you care about, those kinds of things are powerful reminders of our mortality. It’s no surprise that they can cause feelings of depression and perhaps a desire¬†to curl up in a nest and hide until you don’t feel so bad.

Even ‘small’ things can disrupt. A bad review, a summons for jury duty, a surprisingly large bill, or an unexpected home repair or appliance failure. There are a number of relatively¬†innocuous events that can eat away at your energy, your¬†desire to put pen or pencil to paper, or to tap away at a keyboard or typewriter.

So what are you to do at times like that? YOU WRITE.

Drag yourself off the sofa/chair/recliner, pull yourself hand-over-hand out of that blanket nest. Make your coffee or tea or whatever you imbibe, plop your butt at your table or desk, and you darn well write. No idea what to write? Read over a few of the pages leading to where you are now to re-familiarize yourself with the scene and then continue that ongoing inner monologue, or that conversation, or that scene description, or whatever. Just. Keep. Writing.

Over the past almost five years since I started writing more or less seriously, there have been a few days where all I got on the page was a single paragraph. One paragraph. But you know what? That was more than I would have done if I’d crawled¬†into bed, or curled up¬†on the sofa. The next day may only bring about one or two paragraphs as well,¬†but that is still progress. Eventually, either through the passage of time or because of the writing,¬†your¬†mood will again lift, you will feel the old inspiration, and ideas will once again pummel you relentlessly. You’ll then¬†look back over the surprisingly large number of pages you were able to eke out in the interim and be glad of them.

As a bonus, all those disruptive things can also provide you with material. Writing a scene where protag (or antag, for that matter) is going through something horrible? Recall how you felt when something horrible happened to you and translate that into how that character would feel in their scene.

All those things also point out the truth of the saying ‘Shit happens.’ Not so good in real life, perhaps, but as a writer, there’s nothing like some good old random (but logical) disruption to stir the plot up. I¬†made use of this¬†in A Storm in the Desert.

SPOILER WARNING.¬†If you’ve not read Dragonlinked Chronicles Volume¬†3, A Storm in the Desert, you may want to skip¬†the next¬†paragraph.¬†If you’d like to read it, purchase links to for¬†each of the volumes are available in the Books section of the Library menu above, or, have a friend lend it to you. All my books are Kindle Lending Library enabled.

Initially, the issues with the Corpus Order were going to be resolved in the execution scene. Before Anaya was executed, Aeron was going to give¬†a speech that would convince Nesch Takatin of the error of his ways and lead to¬†the Corpus Order ending their campaign against dragons. As I got closer and closer to writing that outlined scene, I felt it was a little too . . . tame. Then one day an idea struck me. How about some disruption (at least for Takatin)?¬†Instead of just a talk-talk scene, how about throwing in a rescue? Aeron and Anaya would be rescued, and the guild would start an overt,¬†in-your-face campaign to convince the members of the Order and the people of the villages that what the Order was doing was wrong. This also made me look at my initial¬†idea of the Order becoming an ally of the guild. What if, instead, the Order gets completely shut down by the very person who everyone thought would help? Disruption! I didn’t want to leave them with total failure, however, and readers, I was certain, would feel the same way. So then, if I went with this twist, what other method could be used to accomplish¬†their core goal? How about something that had been talked about before in another context, something that someone no one liked was using to gain an upper hand? Have the guild purchase¬†the Order’s assets and turn Bataan-Mok into a guild branch! Former members of the Order would keep their jobs and the guild could continue doing most of the things the Order used to. Everything looked like it would work out nice and neat, so that’s what I did.


Disruption can be difficult for us to handle, but fight through those tough times and then use them. Difficulty isn’t so great in your life, but it makes good stories.

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Another Reason Pauley Perrette is Awesome

I’ve always liked her character on NCIS, Abby, but this news shows how amazing the actress herself is. She’s written a song in support of LGBT youth, letting them know that even though it may not seem like it at times, there are people who love¬†them. She also hopes the song and video can spread awareness of The Trevor Project, a place where LGBT youth can get assistance¬†if they’re ever in a situation where they feel down or suicidal. The song is called Beautiful Child.

People deal with tragic events in different ways. When Ms. Perrette learned that the younger brother of a friend had killed himself, she took her feelings and channeled them into writing this uplifting song. With assistance from fellow actors from NCIS and other CBS shows as well as friends in the music industry, Ms. Perrette put together a music video for the song which premiered on Entertainment Tonight.

You can read Ms. Perrette’s¬†interview about the song on ET Online here (the video for the song is below the story), and¬†you can see the video here.

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