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Trade Paperback Version of Book 4 Now Available

Trade Paperback Cover for Book 4

Of Gods, Trees, and a Sapling, trade paperback version cover

I just received the proof of book 4, Of Gods, Trees, and a Sapling, today and it looks great. I chuckle every time I glance at it because it’s so darned big. At any rate, I have approved the proof so the trade paperback version of book 4 is now available HERE from It should be available at within 3-5 business days and will be accessible at the same link as the kindle version, you’ll just have to select the paperback version in the ‘other versions/formats’ section. Once Amazon has a direct link to this version, I will update this post with that.

Please note that the price for the trade paperback version of this book is more than previous books because the minimum price allowed by CreateSpace is higher due to how long the book is–at 773+ pages, it is about the size of books 1 and 2 combined.

Happy reading, all.

UPDATE: Amazon now has a link to purchase the trade paperback version, if you’d rather buy it from them instead of CreateSpace. You can do so from HERE.

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Of Gods, Trees, And A Sapling Now Available in eBook Format!

It took some time, but the eBook version of the latest book in the Dragonlinked Chronicles series, Of Gods, Trees, And A Sapling, is now available at (and all amazon sites, actually). The trade paperback version will be available within the next couple of weeks, depending on shipping times and whether I have to make adjustments based on the sample.

Many apologies for how long it’s taken. There are two main reasons it took as long as it did for me to finally finish this book. The first is that my life has been ridiculously hectic these past eighteen to twenty months or so. I won’t bore or bring you down with the details, but suffice it to say I wore black a lot and made a few trips to visit relatives in the hospital. There were a lot of days where I struggled to write.

Now, the biggest reason it took so long–and I mentioned I had suspicions about it in a previous post (which turned out to be true)–is the length of this book. In between uploads to Amazon after tweaking the format and fixing the two spelling errors that somehow sneaked through, I started work on another document, the trade paperback version. My preliminary pass at formatting that version indicates that, in print, this book will be seven hundred and seventy-three pages long. That’s more than double the length of book 2. I suspected it might be longer than book 3 based on how long it was taking me to complete a read-through, but it didn’t feel that long to me while I was reading it. My test reader’s only comment that was even remotely related to the length was that she couldn’t stop thinking about getting back to reading it in between her job as a substitute teacher, working on starting her business, and picking up her kids. So, she apparently didn’t think it felt long either.

At any rate, here you go. ENJOY!

(And for those of you who want a physical copy, I will continue working on the trade paperback version tomorrow, I swear!)

P.S. OH!  If any of you followed me on my Amazon author page and you did NOT get notified about the release, could you please post a comment below? If some of you were not notified, I want to speak with Amazon and find out if there is anything I can do to fix it. Thanks!

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Final Draft of Book 4 Manuscript Complete

I just completed a pretty darn clean read-through. All I found were minor word-choice issues, and in one ‘action’ scene, I made some minor tweaking to the order of sentences for pacing. As much as I dislike that it’s taken two months to get to this point, what has transpired has only reinforced my assertion that you should never, ever discount the value of doing your own read-throughs nor should you discount the value of test readers.

Performing your own read-throughs of a complete manuscript lets you get a feel for the entire thing, see its flow, see the various plot-lines and how they interweave, and see how the multiple story arcs progress all together. I have read the complete manuscript six times since the first draft was complete at the end of August,  and in every read-through prior to this last one, I found something fairly big. Particularly with how a certain investigation was progressing, I found places where what was in my head had not made it clearly to the page. I found places where in my zeal to describe a cool new thing, I gave away too much ahead of time, and so when the character ‘realized’ something about it, that realization made no sense because that something had been described prior. And when I decided to add a little scene near the end to give a certain character a chance at a bit of payback, I realized a major plot had a major hole. All those things I corrected.

I also got my test reader feedback. Fresh eyes see things that the author’s do not. So many things. Wrong character name used in speech tags, a case of the wrong verb tense (I change sentences around a lot and sometimes forget to check if a verb tense needs changing based on the new structure of the sentence), confusing sentences (this is sort of a period piece, so the language used has a hint of that, but sometimes just saying it simply is the best course), and the most important thing found was just a ridiculous over-usage of a certain action tag. Like a speech tag, an action tag ties a character to a piece of dialog, but it does so with action (an example with a different action tag: Aeron blinked. “You want to do what?”). It took me something like three hours to search that tag out across the entire manuscript and decide whether to keep it as it was, to replace it with a different tag, remove it completely (just leave the dialog), or to rewrite that part a bit. It took so long because I had to be careful not to over-use the fixes for the over-use. At any rate, I addressed all the feedback in one way or another.

All of that means the manuscript is complete. Now, I just have to come up with a cover blurb (working on that), finish the cover (98-ish percent done), and decide whether what I have now as a title will remain the title (no spoilers!). The trade paperback version will take at least a week longer because I have to get a physical sample of the book shipped to me so that I can check the printing of the cover (including alignment on the front, back, and the spine, and where the cover image is cut at the edges) and the interior before approving it for sale. BUT. I should have the e-book version on sale by the end of the month. I have been working really, really hard to make that happen. Along with familiar faces, there are some new characters that I think you’ll like a lot, I know I do, and I can’t wait for you to meet them.

Anyway, enough blabbing. Back to finishing the book!

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Almost There.

I had hoped to have book 4 released by now, but life got in the way. Too many things happened this month. At any rate, I have had a chance to work a bit on the cover (I think it looks nifty, so far), and I’ve done three read-throughs with edits and revisions (and am on a fourth, now). Part of the reason I’m holding back release is that I found issues in each of those three read-throughs. Nothing enormous, but they were big enough that I am uncomfortable not checking for more. I want a read-through where I find nothing but minor problems. And, too, I’m still trying to come up with a title I’m happy with.

So, the short version: I’m working on a clean read-through, finishing up the cover, getting a decent title, and then all I’ll have left is to look at test reader feedback and then format it for e-book and trade paperback.

Very close, now.

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Draft of Book 4 Complete!

I have completed the first draft of book 4. Well, I call it the first draft, but due to how I write, previous portions have had several read-throughs and edits performed already. I also completed a number of little edits based on many notes and voice memos I’ve made along the way. I’m currently doing a read through of the entire thing for more edits and tweaks, after which I’ll give it to a test reader. Then there’s a title (I think I have one already), covers for the ebook and trade paperback versions, and it will be ready for release.

It’s getting close!

P.S. As I’ve said before, don’t forget that there is a Follow author option on each of Amazon’s author’s pages so that you can be notified when your favorite authors have new items available on Amazon. If you’d like to know when I have new books available for purchase on Amazon, you can check this blog, or click the large Follow button near the top left of my Author Page.

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Dragonlinked Book 4 Update

Got back from a kind of family vacation several days ago. I spent a little over two weeks with my brother’s family and had a great time. I hadn’t seen my niece and nephew in a while. It’s surprising how much kids change in their early teens. Anyway, I’m finally working on the last scene of the last chapter.

This chapter has been my nemesis, my Khan, my great white whale. I think I now know what writer’s block is. It’s not that you can’t write, necessarily, it’s that you can’t figure out what to write. I could not come up with a way to present what I wanted to present. I even tried my trick, which is to just write anything. I started work on the chapter before the vacation and hoped time away would give me inspiration or at least let me come up with a way to get through it that wasn’t . . . tepid. It didn’t go so well. When I got back I had to scrap the entire first scene because I hadn’t done proper research into the way certain processes actually work and I had gone about it entirely the wrong way. Ah, well. Always do your research, kids! Save yourself time and effort. The research did help, though. It gave me a framework upon which I could wrap already-written scenes as well as new stuff. Even so, I did have to figure out a way to make, ah, that process not be boring when you are rooting for, ah, the side you normally aren’t. History helped there. It turns out that part of the process worked differently prior to the mid-1900’s, so I took full advantage of that by deciding it would be the same on Lethera. And apologies for being so vague, but I don’t want to spoil anything. At any rate, I did finally get things lined up and presented in a way that I think works well.

So now I am working on the last scene. This will be the denouement, the easy-going wrap-up, though it will have a little surprise that came to me a few nights ago as I lay in bed waiting to fall asleep (when many great ideas occur to me and get recorded in voice memos, as I’ve talked about before). Then there will be the epilogue, which will be much easier and quicker to write, then coming up with a title and cover art. Still, I can now not only see the light at the end of the tunnel, I can make out some of the scenery there, too!

Funny thing? I’ve got ideas and have even imagined scenes for book 5. Silly brain, focus on book 4 and THEN think about book 5.

Also, don’t forget that there is a Follow author option on each of Amazon’s author’s pages so that you can be notified when your favorite authors have new items available on Amazon. If you’d like to know when I have new books available for purchase on Amazon you can check this blog, or click the large Follow button near the top left of my Author Page.

Happy reading, all!

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A Xochitl By Any Other Name

So. Many. Dragon. Names.

Hey everyone (I assume I can use ‘everyone’ instead of ‘you’ because I think—I hope?—there is more than one person who reads these ramblings),

Today I have for you a micro-update and a kind of fan extra all rolled into one! A dragonlinked info-taco, if you will! With extra exclamation marks!!

Okay. Sorry. Too much coffee.

The micro update: I’m writing the draft of the last chapter of book 4! Whoop! I apologize for how long this book is taking, but I think I know why and will let you all know if that is the case, soon. Now, I do have to write the epilogue after this chapter, but it will likely not be as long as a full chapter.

The fan-extra, secret taco-sauce: As part of writing this chapter, I have to come up with a name for a dragon who I didn’t need to name earlier. Part of my process for doing so is to review other names I’ve already used. This is true for humans or dragons, incidentally. I try to come up with a name that does not sound like and is not spelled too much like previous names. I have failed at that before, but I try to keep it from happening because, and especially with an ensemble series like this one, it can be confusing to the reader if there are names that are too similar. I just finished reviewing my character list and the dragon names therein and there are So Many Dragons. It’s very cool (dragons!), but also a bit intimidating. I have to come up with another dragon name. How do I do that? I hit up the interwebs for Aztec/Mayan/Inca names. That’s the fan extra bit. My dragon names are based off of Aztec/Mayan/Inca names! And that is what’s going on in the post title. There is no actual word for ‘rose’ in Aztec, but xochitl means ‘flower,’ so, there you go. Xochi is a diminutive form of Xochitl that I used for that rambunctious little rascal dragon who is no longer little. Another difficult part for me is finding out how a potential name is pronounced. Along with how it looks written down, how a name sounds is an important part of my selection process, even more so than its meaning. Thankfully, Google usually helps me out with that, too. So anyway, now I am off to come up with a new dragon name. I’ve had to come up with a few new dragon names while writing this book, by the way. Who are they? Where are they from? WHO ARE THEY GOING TO BOND WITH?!? Sorry, that information must remain secret, for now.

Until next time, happy reading!

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Alright, So Maybe I Do Still Have Use For Math And Things

Whenever I include something ‘real world’ in my writing, I want to make sure the way I include them is as correct as possible. I will do research on said topic to make sure I have a decent grasp of it, and then I’ll include it in a way that makes sense in my book’s universe.  For something in Book 4 (no spoilers!), however, I had to do an enormous amount of research concerning physics. Yeah, science-y stuff, WITH homework. More specifically, I researched fluid dynamics and projectile trajectories. I did a lot of math using formulas discovered on that research, and I’ve gone about those calculations from different directions to make sure the numbers agree, thus hopefully confirming that the figures I came up with are correct. As I get close to finishing the climactic chapter, I’ve gone back and double-checked those numbers to make sure that how I present certain things and how characters use them are at least close to ‘real.’

It turns out that some of the mathematical principles I learned along the way actually do still come in handy. Therefore, I would like to offer my sincere thanks to all the teachers and professors that I have had the luck to learn from over the years. As some of you said, your instruction is still pertinent, even now. Oh, and Google, too. Man, oh man, has Google saved me time and effort on more than one occasion. Without it, for example, I would have had to spend days and days at a library researching these recent topics.

Alright, back to writing.

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Writing Climactic Scenes is Time-Consuming But Exciting

I’m now working on the big climactic scenes. Scenes, you ask? Plural? Yep. There is a lot going on at a few different locations across a certain city leading into and during the scenes. I’ve been going over the scenes I’ve got down so far again and again. One of the tricky parts for these is getting the pacing right. You can’t have a very tense or highly paced scene at the beginning of the buildup and then have the big climax not be as tense or fast-paced as the previous scenes. So, you have to try to build tension and pacing as you go, so the climax is, well, the climax. As you get closer and closer to good tension-building or pacing, reading the scenes feels more and more exciting. Another tricky part, at least for this book, is telling stories at different locations that are happening at basically the same time. I think I’ve got a handle on it, though, so we’ll see.

As far as writing progress, I’m guessing there is only one short chapter after this one (denouement), and a short epilogue, so I’m pretty darn close to finishing the first draft. /wipesbrow

V for Vendetta popped up recently on Netflix or Hulu, I forget which, and I passed the time one evening watching it as I ate dinner. I was thinking recently that my writing process is a bit like setting up a large domino knock-down art piece, like the ones V creates and starts in the movie. One has to design the pattern you want the dominoes to follow, then you have to get the right dominoes into the right places at the right times so that they can then be knocked down to create a fantastic show. It’s exciting when you find that some dominoes are already where you need them, or when a domino that you placed earlier for some other reason shows you an even better pattern to follow later on.

Don’t forget that there is a Follow author option on each of Amazon’s author’s pages so that you can be notified when your favorite authors have new items available on Amazon. If you’d like to know when I have new books available for purchase on Amazon, click the large Follow button near the top left of my Author Page.

Until next time, happy reading!

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Finished Read-through of Near-Complete Book 4 Draft. On to Writing the Final Chapters!

I just finished another read-through of the draft so far. I found the typical things: misspellings, double words (the the door), wrong character name used on a speech tag, etc, but I also found some instances where event sequences, people’s knowledge of what took place in them, was out of order. Typical, too, are places where re-writes of sentences or paragraphs were needed for better flow, clarity, or where trimming was called for. I’ve also found a few places where I need to tweak the emotion or action for pacing reasons, and will fine-tune those as I go. In a previous post I talked about mixing literary and commercial (emotion and action, in simplified terms) beats, and I’m tying to get a combination in this book that works for me. It’s a delicate balance, but worth getting as close to right as possible.

At any rate, next up is writing the draft of the last couple of chapters. I can see the finish line! 🙂

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