Of Gods, Trees, and A Sapling Kindle Version is FREE for Limited Time!

My series of books, Dragonlinked Chronicles, is an lgbt-friendly young adult fantasy series, and the Kindle version of book 4, Of Gods, Trees and A Sapling, is FREE from 11/13/2017 until 11/15/2017 on the store, HERE. Take this short opportunity to read the latest volume while I work on the next book! The Kindle versions in the entire series are Kindle Lending Library enabled, so feel free to lend them to your friends with Kindles. Have no fear, Amazon pays authors who participate in that program.

Happy reading!

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For Christmas, it’s Freebie Time!

Dragonlinked coverDid you give a Kindle? Get one? Know someone who is getting one? Or, do you know someone who reads eBooks and likes fantasy, magic, or dragons? How convenient!

It’s the perfect time to get started on Dragonlinked Chronicles, because starting tomorrow, December 24, 2016, and running through December 27th, 2016, the Kindle version of Dragonlinked, volume 1 of the series, will be FREE on Amazon!

Here are some direct links: US — UK — AU — CA — DE — JP — IN

Not from one of those regions? No worries, the book is also available at the Amazon sites for Brazil,  France,  Italy,  Mexico,  Spain, and the Netherlands. Note that, currently, the book is only available in english.

Merry Christmas, everyone, and Happy Holidays!

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The Bond on Sale for Limited Time

The Bond cover

The Bond

If you have friends who haven’t read it yet—or if you haven’t, The Bond, book 2 of Dragonlinked Chronicles (an lgbt-friendly YA fantasy series), is on a Kindle Countdown Deal promotion at until the early morning of April 14th, 2015, and at until the early morning of April 12th, 2015 (early morning eastern time). These deals work by offering a larger discount at the beginning of the promotion period, which drops as the deal runs. So, the earlier you buy, the bigger the markdown you get from the regular price.

The UK deal runs a shorter time because amazon only allows minimum discount increments of 0.99, and those increments are in the currency of the host website. For the UK site, that’s GBP. Because of that, there are fewer increments at the UK site (GBP are higher value than USD, and my book prices at the various amazon sites are all based on a USD price converted to equivalent native currency price). But enough weird financial babble.

Happy reading!

P.S. Fan extra! The hand/arm on the cover image? It’s mine. I only wish I could bond with a dragon for real!

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Dragonlinked on FREE Promotion for a Limited Time


Dragonlinked, the first book in Dragonlinked Chronicles, is free for a limited time. Now’s a great time to get started on the lgbt-friendly young-adult fantasy series.

I’m trying some advertising with this promotion as an experiment to see how it goes. I’ve got the promotion listed at GoodKindles and at Freebooksy. As much as I’d rather spend all my time setting words to paper (or keying them into a computer, as the case may be), this is part of being an author, too. I’ll report back on what I find.

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Moonflower FREE for Limited Time

My short story, Moonflower, a sort of prequel to the Dragonlinked Chronicles series, is FREE starting today, for a limited time. This is a great opportunity to get a peek into the world of Lethera, to get a taste of the magic and the monsters, if you haven’t yet! Included is a bonus mini-story, Brilliant Points of Light.


Moonflower ebook cover, 2015 version.

Moonflower ebook cover, 2015 version.

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The Bond on Sale

I like to run a sale when I release a new book, but the Kindle Countdown Deals can only be run after so many days since the last one. I wanted to get the newest book, A Storm in the Desert, into reader’s hands as soon as possible, however, so I released it as quickly as I could. At any rate, starting today, and running over the course of six days, the eBook edition of the second book of the Dragonlinked Chronicles series, The Bond (US, UK), will be on sale under a countdown deal promotion. Two things to know about these promotions: 1) Amazon currently only offers them at and, so I apologize to my readers from other countries for only being able to set the sale up at those two sites, and 2) the earlier you buy during the promotion, the more discount you’ll get.

Happy reading!

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Book 3 Draft Nearly Complete Party

I just finished chapter 23 of the draft for the third book in the Dragonlinked Chronicles series. In celebration, I’ve set up a Kindle Countdown Deal for Book 2, The Bond. That way, if there are Kindle/ebook readers who haven’t read it yet, they’ll get a chance to do so before the third book comes out. Kindle Countdown Deals can only be done on and, so I’ve set them up there. The UK promotion is shorter because of the way Amazon requires them to be set up, as far as minimum price-point changes (their minimum is 0.99, no matter the currency, which is a little silly, as, for example, 0.99 british pounds is more than 0.99 us dollars). While the promotion has only one tier, if you take advantage of the promotion earlier, you’ll get a bigger discount.

Both promotions start the morning of Tuesday September 23, 2014. The promotion ends six days later on Monday morning, while the promotions ends three days later on Friday morning.

For, click HERE.

For, click HERE.

Happy reading!

The Bond cover

The Bond

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Release celebration for The Bond!

To celebrate The Bond, Book 2 of the Dragonlinked Chronicles, going live on Amazon, I’m going to put Book 1, Dragonlinked, on sale for six days starting February 25 at 8 a.m. PST. It’s a Kindle Countdown deal, meaning the earlier in the promotion you buy, the bigger the discount. The starting discount is 75% off. The promotion runs through March 3 at 8 a.m. PST. There is nothing special anyone has to do: the discounted price should be automatically reflected on the product page. From what I’ve read, Amazon only offers Kindle Countdown Deals through and, so my apologies to fans from other countries. (I know you are out there. I can see when sales come from Amazon’s other sites!)

I figured that having this promotion will let people pick up Dragonlinked fairly cheap if they want to read it before starting The Bond. At any rate, happy reading!

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About Halfway Done Celebration! Book 1 On Sale for Six Days


In celebration of book 2 (still untitled) being about halfway done, I’m putting the eBook version of book 1, Dragonlinked, on sale for six days, starting Tuesday November 12, 2013. The promotion is an Amazon Kindle Countdown Deals promotion, meaning the discount gets smaller toward the end. The first three days, the book will be 50% off, or only $1.99. The last three days, the discount drops to 26%, or $2.99.

If you’ve not read it, this would be an excellent time to pick it up. Grab it early for the bigger discount! If you already own it and have a friend or relative who would like it, let them know about the sale!

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