Moonflower FREE for Limited Time

My short story, Moonflower, a sort of prequel to the Dragonlinked Chronicles series, is FREE starting today, for a limited time. This is a great opportunity to get a peek into the world of Lethera, to get a taste of the magic and the monsters, if you haven’t yet! Included is a bonus mini-story, Brilliant Points of Light.


Moonflower ebook cover, 2015 version.

Moonflower ebook cover, 2015 version.

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2 thoughts on “Moonflower FREE for Limited Time

  1. When is the smiths apprentice from the first book going to show up

    • He was pretty shaken up, as Millinith mentions when talking to Master Doronal about her investigative trip. If he does make another appearance, it will be after he finally deals with the death of the master smith, and that’s *if* he deals with it. Seeing someone slashed up like that, especially a person you think of as a hero, can be pretty tough on you.

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