Book 3 Draft Nearly Complete Party

I just finished chapter 23 of the draft for the third book in the Dragonlinked Chronicles series. In celebration, I’ve set up a Kindle Countdown Deal for Book 2, The Bond. That way, if there are Kindle/ebook readers who haven’t read it yet, they’ll get a chance to do so before the third book comes out. Kindle Countdown Deals can only be done on and, so I’ve set them up there. The UK promotion is shorter because of the way Amazon requires them to be set up, as far as minimum price-point changes (their minimum is 0.99, no matter the currency, which is a little silly, as, for example, 0.99 british pounds is more than 0.99 us dollars). While the promotion has only one tier, if you take advantage of the promotion earlier, you’ll get a bigger discount.

Both promotions start the morning of Tuesday September 23, 2014. The promotion ends six days later on Monday morning, while the promotions ends three days later on Friday morning.

For, click HERE.

For, click HERE.

Happy reading!

The Bond cover

The Bond

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4 thoughts on “Book 3 Draft Nearly Complete Party

  1. Ben

    Hey there! How’s book 3 coming along? I’m a good beta reader? but hope all is well!

    • I’ll be putting up a post with a bit more detail, but I think there is only one chapter to go, so the draft is nearly there. Then there’s review, revision, etc, etc, etc. But all is well so far, and I hope to have it in reader’s hands soon!

  2. Xander

    Awesome! Cant wait for the next book… I just reread the first two because i cant find many other books like these. Please Hurry!! 🙂

    • I’m glad you enjoyed them that much! I’m furiously working on book 3 and am just about done with the first draft. After that is coming up with a title (it hasn’t come to me yet), cover design, and rereading and editing. Fingers crossed it’s out soon!

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