Draft Outline for Book 3 Complete

Whew. The past few weeks have been busy, busy, busy, mostly with work on the outline for book 3. But now, the initial draft of it is complete. I will take maybe a day or two off and then review the outline for any tweaks or additions I think might be warranted before starting the writing process. I’d take more days off, but my brain probably wouldn’t let me anyway. The whole time I was working on the outline, ideas for fleshing out specific scenes kept popping in my head, slowing me down from completing it. But that’s¬†absolutely fine by me. I’d much rather be bursting with ideas than struggling for them!

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2 thoughts on “Draft Outline for Book 3 Complete

  1. Joy Grzelak

    Fifty years ago I began reading science fiction and fantasy with an Andre Norton novel. Since then I have read many different authors and thousands of books. The last two days I spent reading your Dragonlinked and The Bond. They gave me as much pleasure as those long ago Andre Norton titles. Thank you for such good reading and I look forward to your next book.
    Joy Grzelak

    • Thank you for your kind words. I cannot express how happy I am that you enjoyed the books. I write for many reasons, for myself, for the sheer enjoyment of creating these people and places, for learning, too, about myself, and people, and, at least for these books now, to give everyone, particularly the young, some heroes that they can identify with. That people have found and enjoy these words, some as much as I did in the writing of them, is another kind of amazing altogether.

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