Moonflower Submitted for Kindle Singles Consideration

I finally got Moonflower and its companion story, Brilliant Points of Light, to the point where I am happy with them, so today, I  submitted Moonflower to Amazon for consideration as a Kindle Singles offering. Here’s hoping they like it enough to accept it. Even if it isn’t accepted, however, I will still publish it as a normal Kindle eBook.

Next on my to-do list is getting Dragonlinked ready for CreateSpace as a trade paperback. That shouldn’t take too long. Then I will finish outlining Dragonlinked 2 (title to be decided later) and continue writing it. There is so much I have learned in my writing group that I was able to apply as I wrote the two short stories. Knowledge I will be able to use going forward with DL2 and everything else I write. I’ve also read comments and reviews and find that I tend to agree with those talking about length and amount of detail. Working on the short stories, tweaking and rewriting based on critiques, showed me power of trimming the fat, so to speak. But finding the right balance is key. Cut out all the fat and your burger is dry and tasteless.

Ah well. Life is a learning process, and so is writing. It’s part of what makes it so much fun. 🙂

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