That’s what the title of the new Superman movie could have been. Because it was. Awesome.

I’m just throwing this together real fast because I had to, so no actor names and what-not, but I don’t care.

Fantastic performances from everyone involved. Great, great, father son dynamic with papa Kent. Wonderful mom and son thing with mama Kent. A pre-story leading to how he got here that was full of fantastic glimpses of Krypton society and which played for exactly the right length of time. The new Superman/Clark Kent is perfect. We get that same almost childlike feel to the guy, but in a more modern way. I can’t even explain it better than that, but he knocked it out of the park. Lois was great too. Her character is a bit tougher, been to war-torn areas and such. She’s a tough cookie, but in a natural way, not in a trying too hard way. And her relationship with Clark feel natural too. Whichever screenwriter gave her that line at the end, you’ll know it when you hear it, deserves like a 10K bonus for it. Excellent line.

Oh! The baddies were fantastic too. Zod was given a great and believable reason for everything he does, and his side-kick gal? She’s fantastic. Would like to see her in more stuff, she’s got a good presence.

I even took some mental writing notes on how they presented information. Some great ideas in here.

Go. See. This. Movie. You will not be disappointed.

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