My Short Story, Moonflower, Completed

Thought I would give an update on where I am with my writing projects.

Draft cover for the short story Moonflower.

Draft cover for the short story Moonflower.

I’m pretty much done with the short story, which I’ve named Moonflower. I’m also very close to finishing the ebook cover for it. All that remains is to put the final touches on a mini-story which I’ve built from a section I had to remove from Moonflower. The section dealt primarily with another character, and was distracting from the main story of Moonflower. I like the section, however, and have decided to include it as bonus material. I want to present the mini-story to my writing group for comments and suggestions, and then I will submit the entire piece to Amazon as part of Kindle Singles. If it isn’t accepted, I will still publish it as a regular Kindle ebook.

Once the short story is published, I can start work on getting Dragonlinked ready for publishing as a Trade Paperback through Amazon’s subsidiary, CreateSpace. I’ve looked into it a little, and it doesn’t seem too complicated. I do, however, want to get with my test readers for any spelling errors that were not caught by spell-check. Words that are actual words, but not the words I intended. Like oder, for example. It is a real word, a town and river in Germany, I think, so OpenOffice spell-check did not flag it. But I meant to type older. That kind of thing.

After I get the trade paperback version going, I can return full-time to the sequel to Dragonlinked. I have started work on it, I just had to put it aside for a couple of months to work on these other things. But I will get back to it, never fear. Besides which, I can’t stop thinking about it. It wants to be written. Writers will understand what I mean.

P.S. Photo credits for images used in the cover design will appear in the ebook, once it and the cover are finalized.

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3 thoughts on “My Short Story, Moonflower, Completed

  1. tony

    omg!!! dragonlinked was sooo good. i wish i had the guts to kiss a boy like Aeron did. please start on the sequel right away!!!

    • tony

      Also, i am going to try and get my libaries to buy your book.

    • I am glad you enjoyed it. I am working on the finishing touches on the mini-story to accompany Moonflower. After that I will get Dragonlinked in trade paperback form so that people who do not have Kindles (or the reader software) can enjoy it as well. But not to worry, the next book had been started, and it won’t let me go much longer without getting back to it.

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